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"…be in your best when you 're protected!"…..

The use of personal protective equipment has become a necessity for a lot of countries and became a part of their habitants' life - in medical, industrial and household environments.

We believe that in addition to quality of this products, convenience and optimal comfort are central for everyday use at work, at school, outside,  home …..

MHI is an Israeli manufacturer and trading company who provides medical consumable products in response to the protection, hygiene and comfort in all the sectors of activity.

We provide a large line of disposable products, including. gloves. masks. shoe cover. Cap. etc... and all in a concern of quality et comfort.

We have partners all over the globe and we work with trade organizations and wholesale companies, which is contributed to competence, responsibility, concurrence price for our clients, and mainly keeping us updated about our sector activity.

Our main goal is the improvement of the existents inserts in term of comfort for consistently provide a high quality and complete customer service.

By improve our products and our services, we can succeed to fulfill our clients' requests ensuring competence, trust and reliability.


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